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Key duplication in San Jose
Our technician duplicates a new copy of a key. Precision copy key made.

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Call an Affordable locksmith in San Jose

Locksmiths play an essential role in the daily operation of a home, business, or car.

Whenever you face a failing lock, they are the people to help you deal with the situation effectively.

Also, they go beyond their scope of services to ensure they get you the best in the market.

Broken key extraction services
When you have locked your keys in the car, always call a professional auto locksmith for car lockout services in San Jose

Whether you want the most secure locks or burglar-proof locks, a locksmith will always find a plausible solution for your lock and key problems.

But what are some of the services of an affordable locksmith in San Jose?

24/7 emergency locksmith in San Jose

If you lose your key, break it in the lock, lock yourself out of the house, or need immediate help with your locks, Bravo Mobile Locksmith San Jose is the place to be.

With experience handling all sorts of locks, whether on commercial, residential spaces, or automotive, you can rely on us to get you going.

Besides, we have branches to bring our services close to you.

We work on a 24/7 basis, with emergency response teams.

So, when you come home, and your key is nowhere in sight, do not panic.

Access control systems

When it comes to keeping your business private, there is no better way than having access control systems.

When living in large cities, you want to maintain a safe, private venture among the vast population.

So, what are these access control systems you can use?

Currently, there are three major types, which include discretionary, mandatory, and role-based systems.

With an affordable locksmith in San Jose, you can have these ranging from slow traffic areas to areas with thousands of users.

You can hire an experienced professional who understands how they work and executed the plan effectively.

We know the best systems, and that is what we offer.

Hi-security Lock Repair
A hi-security lock and key for your office. Call us today for professional office lock-out services in San Jose.

Lock installation and repair

Any door you have in your home has a lock on it.

The same goes for the office.

You will find a lock on the cabinet, the safe, on your mailbox, on your car, front door, window, patio, on the revolving doors, and even in the locker rooms.

You interact with locks at any point of the day.

That is why it is essential to have some quality services when you decide to install a lock on your door.

We have the solution to all your new lock installation and maintenance demands.

Commercial Deadbolt Locks
A hi-security deadbolt lock installed in an office door. Call us today for office lockout services in San Jose

Whether you want the old pins replaced, or a few springs swapped for new ones, we have got you covered.

We have dealt with a wide range of locks, from the latch, mortise, rim, cylinder, smart, padlocks, and even deadbolt locks, among others.

Therefore, we are confident in our service provision.

If you have some rusty, worn-out old bolts, do not hesitate to call us for affordable locksmith services.

Motorcycle keys

Like any other vehicle, you can start your ignition without needing a key.

However, this comes at a hefty price of dismantling your car to find the jumper wires.

So, why would you risk all that when you can call for a professional to take care of your bike?

We offer the best motorcycle locksmith services.

If you lost your key, have ignition problems, need to replace the ignition switch or have a new key made for your motorcycle, we have got you covered.

Restricted master key systems repair

car keys in san jose
Car key cutting in San Jose

By installing a master key system, you take control of your keys on your property.

To get the master key system, a qualified locksmith in San Jose needs to rekey your locks and tune them to one key.

By changing the pins and tumblers on the lock, you get the freedom of using a single key to open several doors.

So, why would you go for a restricted master key system for your fleet, offices, or homes?

Well, the benefits are outstanding.

For instance, lock picking becomes significantly harder for anyone trying to get into your property.

Also, you hold the power to authorize any key replication.

As a result, you have complete key control for your locks and audit capabilities.

Besides, with the more reliable locks and better security offered by restricted locks, what could possibly be better than having a master key for all the locks?