Change a Lock

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What It Means To Change a Lock – Options & Possible Alternatives in Your Area

Unexpected situations arise when least expected, and unfortunately, when it comes to door locks, such situations come with a great deal of stress and drama, whether you get stuck out of your home, your key pins are stuck, or you can’t lock a door at night.

Problems go in more directions. Sometimes, it’s just age. High security locks lose their capabilities in the long run and can get jammed. Other times, it’s you and how you operate the same lock. Broke a key inside a door lock? Lost your keys? Stuck outside? Jammed deadbolt lock? Defective locking mechanism? Stuck door knob?

Dealing with an existing lock can be troublesome if it’s an emergency because at that point, you definitely need professional locksmith services. You can’t go to a local hardware store to buy a new door lock, get a deadbolt lock, or purchase a locking mechanism for all the doors. But even so, it pays off to reach an expert team to help with rekeying or lock repair, inspections, maintenance of your existing locks, and upgrades of your security system.

When it comes to a door lock, a hardware store is not always your best friend, but an expert who knows door locks inside out.

At Bravo Locksmith, we cover all these. We can re key locks, cut new keys after a current matching key, and provide different keys for the same brand lock. Change locks completely and many more:

  • New deadbolt lock installation
  • Door lock upgrades
  • Stuck door locks
  • Locks keyed alike
  • Fixing door locks after break ins
  • Replacement lock solutions

And much more! If it involves a door lock, we’ve got you covered.

Locksmith Techniques for Changing a Door Lock Without a Key

change a lock-3Our locksmiths will always bring a lock rekeying kit, as well as the tools to rekey, remove, or unlock all the locks in your home. We’ll also cut keys after the same key before rekeying locks, but before that, we need to get in. A replacement lock is not always the best idea.

Here are some of our methods for different locks:

  • Lock picking for a clean operation for your old lock. No need to worry about the dead bolt or the two screws and holes around it.
  • Bump keys are excellent for pretty much any lock mechanism. Forget about changing the locks, a strike plate, or a new lockset. Just give us a few minutes.
  • Dismantling the lock if you don’t have a matching key before changing locks, with great attention to the door jamb and screw hole in your new house before we change the locks.
  • Drilling is a last resort, as it will damage the lock cylinder. You may also end up with a new screw hole when changing locks this way. We’ll install a new deadbolt in your new house this way.

While there are other options too, such as using credit cards or butter knives, such options used to be viable years ago and for old locks. These days, they’re useless for new locks, electronic locks, or digital locks. Don’t even think to simply pull like crazy either, you’ll damage the door and strike plate. Your home security will be compromised then.

At Bravo Locksmith, we’ll assess the door situation before recommending a solution for your doors and house. Changing your locks is the last resort and depends on why you can’t open the door. If you’ve lost an old key, it makes sense, you don’t want someone else to find it. But if the key pins inside are stuck, we’ll just repair it.

We’ll consider what it takes to keep the door and lock secure. We might need a simple tool to ensure your door is fine, but we may also have to take out the artillery.

Rekeying vs. Replacing the Lock or Deadbolt for a Door

Lock replacing is a good option for your door at times, but the possibility to rekey a lock is also a top recommendation. While some people can’t tell the difference between a deadbolt and a door screw, the truth is lock rekeying means adjusting an existing lock to a new key.

Both options have their pros and cons on your door or deadbolt.

You’ll pay less to rekey a lock mechanism for your house keys or a door, but the job is also relatively fast, since your basic lock is still there. There’s no damage on the door or deadbolt. However, if the problem is with your lock, deadbolt, hardware, or mechanism, rekeying won’t help. You may need other repairs or perhaps a new lock. If a screw needs tightening or some screws are missing, that’s a light issue.

On the other hand, when you choose to replace locks, you can also go for an upgrade. You can get a better security system, and you won’t have to worry about the hardware for a while. A new lock will last for ages with minimum maintenance.

Changing the existing hardware and getting a new one is more expensive than getting locks rekeyed, though.

Rekeying usually makes more sense, whether you move into a new home or you’ve lost entry. It’s cheap and can give you the right level of security. But if you need an upgrade or your hardware starts deteriorating, the cheaper solution is no longer viable. Replacing current locks is the better choice.

Costs & Considerations for Rekeying Vs. Replacement of Door Locks

change a lock-2While rekeying the same house locks is normally cheaper, rekeying a lock means more than that. Professional locksmiths will be able to assess the situation and give you the right choices based on your needs. Cost considerations go further than that.

When rekeying a specific key lock, you’ll pay for the process, a single key or more copies. You’ll pay more if you can’t really work on the lock because you’ve lost the working key. Basically, you’ll need a locksmith to get in first. Rekeying can’t be done when the door is stuck.

Based on how complicated the problem is, there are particular circumstances when installing different key locks is the better option. An install job is just as comprehensive. Not only can you get an upgrade if you want, but if you can get in, the installation is smooth and clean. You’ll mainly spend on the locks.

At this point, the final price depends on the locks you need. Digital locks, for instance, are more expensive than different brands of basic locks. Our locksmith swaps all kinds of locks, based on your request.

DIY Lock Change – Risks, Benefits & Drawbacks

There are things you can try to unlock an old lock, such as using a credit card or a butter knife, but unless you know what you’re doing, it’s not necessarily a good idea. When it comes to lock replacement, a little experience is also required.

You’ll have to dismantle a lock and put a new one in. Even if it’s the same type, a new lock that’s poorly installed won’t mean better security. Screws must match perfectly, too, and from our experience, people improvise. We have the right screws, and we’ll put them in the right place to secure the lock.

If locked out due to a lost or broken key, you’ll need the right tools to drill into the lock and insert screws after that. Again, experience is required to ensure your security needs are met. As for tools, a simple screwdriver won’t necessarily help with the knobs, especially when replacing something.

When it comes to re keying your current door lock, whether you’ve just moved into a new home or lost entry, it’s wiser to just leave it to a professional.

Drilling and breaking everything is likely to work eventually, and while the installation may not be perfect, it could save you some money. However, you’re less likely to get higher security, you risk voiding your home warranty if you install a lock yourself, and you won’t have access to other options.

You can replace other things around your home, but forget about it when it comes to a knob or a lock. You can’t do all these with a screwdriver, so leave the job to an expert.

Sometimes, it makes more sense to investigate the issue, let a locksmith see what’s wrong and what options you have and make a more informed decision after. Drilling is usually a last resort.

Security Implications when You Need to Replace a Knob or Lock

change a lock-1Rekeying is a tough challenge for those who don’t have the tools or expertise. It looks like an easy procedure for a professional, but that’s because we use technologically advanced tools.

What most people do in DIY projects is replacing locks. Replacements usually imply going all the way in, drilling, and breaking everything. When a key or a lock doesn’t work anymore, people choose to replace it. To replace it, you’ll need more than a screwdriver and some screws. An expert will have the experience to assess the issues and insert screws in the right places.

Again, expertise and tools make the difference. While the installation may seem straightforward, you risk compromising the security of your home or business. It may seem safe, but a locksmith’s experience means they know how to tighten screws, how far to go, how to avoid current holes, and so on.

All these small details make the necessity of a professional obvious. Plus, doing it yourself is time-consuming; you’ll have to buy tools yourself, and you risk compromising your home insurance.

Emergency Locksmith Services for Unexpected Situations

At Bravo Locksmith, we offer all kinds of services involving secure locks, keys, doors, windows, and security systems. We can cut keys if you have one key working. We can restore entry in all kinds of situations, and we can make recommendations based on several factors when you need an upgrade.

We’ll make your home safe, but we’ll also rekey locks.

However, we’re also available for emergencies. Locked out? Broken key? Jammed lock? Lost key? You name it, give us a call, we’ll give you a quote straight away and we’ll take it from there.

Already purchased new locks or keys? No problem, we’ll work with what you have and educate you on the safety of a well done job.

Preventative Locks Related Safety Measures for the Future

At Bravo Locksmith, we also aim to educate people on how to prevent such problems. Here are a few useful solutions:

  • Seek help when you notice a problem, and don’t wait until it becomes an emergency.
  • A spare key is mandatory. Some spares should be kept out of the home, such as in your car.
  • Smart locks can prevent many issues, but you need to invest in quality products.
  • Keyless systems will prevent most problems associated with locks.
  • Make sure there are no loose screws, and if you have to, an extra hole for an extra screw may help with security.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss all your options, as well as their pluses and minuses.