Common Lock Problems

Common Lock Problems
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Locksmith problems we all face and how to solve them

If you own a key to any lock, you will, at some point, require to do some adjustments to maintain the high levels of security.

Commercial Deadbolt Locks
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Whether it is as simple as the mailbox or as complex as your safe, you need to carry out some routine maintenance.

Sometimes, you might be too late, and you would need to replace your lock.

So, do you call in a professional locksmith to replace the simple lock on your window or kitchen cabinet, or you can give it a shot?

Well, we provide a relatively detailed procedure of how you can tackle some of the shared lock problems without the help of an expert. These include:

Breaking a lock

Sometimes, you go home, to your office, or even in your car, reach out for your keys and notice you either lost them or left them somewhere.

Now, do you go breaking the door to get in, get a cab and go back, all the way to think someplace you left them or wait for locksmith services to arrive?

Good news, there is a better option, where you break the lock yourself.

The process is straightforward and requires the least of tools.

If you have a firm shaft, a hammer or a rock, you can bump into the lock until it breaks loose.

While hitting it, you can pull on the shackle to create some tension.

Lock change tips and tricks
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Then, you can hit on the side of the lock with the tool, especially the one with the fixed end.

The constant hitting will loosen some pins, which then bumps your lock, and you can gain access to your home or office.

How do you pick a lock in the event of a lockout?

If you are planning to pick a lock, say because you lost your key, or locked it in, then your first step should be checking the condition of your lock.

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Replacing a lock

A damaged lock will pose a challenge, and you might need to replace it entirely. However, if you have a fully functional lock, you can proceed.

Next, gather your lock picking set, which would typically include a tension wrench, a pick, and a rake, or if you have none, a pin or paper clip.

The goal is to loosen the pins in the lock mechanism to let the shackle free.

So, you are to apply tension to the pins.

In the second step, apply some lubrication to the lock for the hooks to side more efficiently.

If you are dealing with a padlock, you align the pins and turn it, and the handle flies free.

For a latch lock, you insert your tension wrench and turn it in the direction of opening the lock until you notice the door open.

Fixing a loose lock on your door

One day I was walking from my bedroom, and on the door, I noticed the lock very loose, almost falling off the door.

On close inspection, I noticed that the screws holding it in place were missing.

I went to the store after identifying the model of the lock.

I asked for the exterior screws, and for less than $5, I had the screws.

I went back home, and using a screwdriver, fixed the screws and the lock was back in great shape.

Same goes to you, when you notice a loose lock, rather than calling for help immediately, you can always try screwing in any loose bolts and nuts.

How do you get a spare key for your home?

A spare key is essential for any lock.

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That is why when you buy a new lock, it comes with a set of about three to four locks, for emergencies or other users.

So, what happens when you lose your key, and your spare key, or when you rekey your home, and you only have one key?

You would need to get a spare key for future use.

That is when you go to your local locksmith for a duplicate key.

Some have some of the best techniques to reproduce a key.

Whether you prefer the traditional methods or a laser-cut key, you can be sure to walk away with a spare key.

There are many problems that your lock could cause.

It could be stuck, due to dirt and debris, or even the cold during the winter.

Either way, you can always resolve them easily using readily available tools in your home.