How To Extract a Car Key

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My key won't go all the way into the ignition. Call an automotive locksmith in San Jose, CA.

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How to extract a car key.

One of the common car key problems is the key getting stuck in the ignition.

However, it is also highly probable for the key to break in a jammed car door lock, or accidentally lock them in the trunk.

Broken Key in the ignition
Broken car keys and debris in the ignition will cause a stuck key in the ignition

Whichever the reason you are having an usable key, always call a professional car locksmith.

At Bravo Mobile Locksmith, car key extraction service is our speciality.

We are dedicated to seeing that all your automotive problems are solved in record time.

Here is what our car key extraction services entail.

Car key extraction process

The car key extraction process is not challenging.

However, you need to be sure you hire the right car lock and key expert.

With non-qualified locksmiths, they might end up causing more damage to your car locks or ignition cylinder.

The car key extraction process differs or becomes challenging depending on the type of key and lock in question.

Often, keys break at the point where its shaft meets the head of the key.

To extract the key, two methods are applicable.

You can use the key extractor tool or an extraction kit.

Using a key extraction tool

Broken key extraction services
When you have locked your keys in the car, always call a professional auto locksmith for car lockout services in San Jose

An experienced locksmith will know that lubrication is the first thing to do before beginning the extraction process.

This prevents any additional damage to the lock and also enables the broken key slide out swiftly.

It is vital for the person extracting the key to knowing just how deep the key is inside the lock.

How will they know this?

Simple. Looking at the broken piece you have at hand.

This prevents you from driving the key deeper into the lock.

A key extracting tool functions by catching the key biting and twisting it for it to slide.

Using an extraction kit

Extracting a key using the extracting tool is simple and straightforward, and anybody can do it.

However, using an extraction kit is quite complicated and will need the help of a professional.

The kit comprises of a pair of spiral extractors, pliers, and a hemostat.

Apart from these items, a duplicate key that fits appropriately in the lock or ignition cylinder is necessary.

Ignition lock cylinder re-key
Any problems with your car ignition should be addressed by a Pro car locksmith in San Jose. Call us today.

To begin the process, the expert will fit the spare key partially into the cylinder, and then the spiral extractors are driven into the keyway.

This phase requires a lot of caution to prevent the broken piece from going deeper into the lock.

Once the spiral extractors are touching the key, twist them gently in a clockwise direction.

At this point, the spare key is gently removed, and the extractors wound together around the broken piece and gently pulled out.

A hemostat and the extractor pliers are useful it the extractors lose hold of the broken key while halfway the key path.

Will I have to replace my ignition after the extracting process?

It can be expensive to replace the ignition cylinder every time you happen to break a key in it.

Whether or not you get to replace the ignition depends on two factors.

How far inside the ignition is the broken key?

Was there force involved while trying to start the ignition?

A professional locksmith can assess the level of damage and advise you accordingly.

Sometimes when the key is too deep in the ignition, some of the parts of the ignition may end up damaged while trying to extract the key.

This can result in the need to replace the cylinder.

Also, if you were in a hurry and ended up using force to start the ignition, there is a possibility that some damage happened during the process.

Car Ignition Switch Repair
Call our car locksmith in San Jose for ignition repair and cylinder lock re-key services

What of my lock?

The same case applies to your lock. Too much force or a key too deep into the lock cylinder might call for lock replacement.

In addition, be careful of the professional you call for help.

Their skills and key extraction procedure might end up harming your lock.

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Regardless of the reason why your key is stuck, we are ready to help.