How to Replace Your Lost Car Key

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How to Replace Your Lost Car Key the Convenient Way

How to Replace Your Lost Car KeyLosing your car keys or key fob can often be a stressful experience. The good news is obtaining new car keys without having the original set is usually possible. This also holds true if you have a smart key and you need to replace the key fob only.

Obviously, there are more ways available to get your car key fob replaced. The cost to replace it depends on who you seek help from. You can contact a dealer at a local car dealership, but you can also get in touch with an automotive locksmith.

At Bravo Locksmith, we can provide a replacement key whether or not you have the spare key. We can help with a new switchblade key fob, reprogram it, cut the switchblade key, and make sure you regain access to the vehicle straight away, usually while you wait.

When You Need to Replace a Car Key

Just because your car key fob is no longer working, it doesn’t mean you need car key replacement. In most cases, replacing the battery on your transponder key will sort the problem straight away. However, there are times when replacement is the only option.

Lost Car Key

If you’ve lost your transponder car key or traditional car key, your initial thought is to use the spare key. It’s not an emergency, but you should still look for key fobs or a new key, just in case it happens again and you’re left locked out.

The situation can be quite problematic if you don’t have an extra. Fortunately, you don’t need your original transponder keys or traditional car keys to replace a car key. A dealership can order one for you, but this option may need a longer waiting period. On the other hand, an automotive locksmith can usually provide a new fob faster and for a better price.

Car Key Fob Not Working

There’s nothing to worry about if your smart keys stop working, especially if the problem is in the battery. You don’t need key cutting at this point, but just the right tools to open up the fob and replace the battery. It’s usually a matter of minutes.

If you choose to do it yourself, make sure you’re careful, or you could damage the internal circuits and chip. You’ll usually need a small screwdriver, the type you can get from any hardware store.

Seek help from a locksmith if you’re not sure what you’re doing or you’re not the DIY type. If you do damage the basic key fob or security chip, you’ll need professional help to get the original key to work again.

Damaged Car Key

Dropped the fob? Cracked the keyless entry device? Keyless ignition being funny? Switchblade keys being loose? Don’t wait until you face an emergency and the key stops working completely. Seek professional; help to get an aftermarket fob and get it programmed before the current one turns useless.

Your car insurance may or may not cover this issue, it’s worth asking. Also, damaging the key fob won’t affect the car’s warranty. No matter what type of key you have or whether you have a new modern car or a traditional car, professional locksmiths can help with any situation.

Broken Car Key

Aftermarket fobs are quite alright if you’ve cracked or broken the car key fob, but you can’t program them yourself. You could find some helpful tips online, but it’s usually an expert’s job. For older cars, a broken key means you’ll need a new key cut.

There’s no such info in the owner’s manual. If you break the key inside the lock and you’re outside, a locksmith becomes the most viable option. A repair shop may or may not have such keys. Roadside assistance is less likely to help, while most dealership will need days or weeks to get a new key.

When facing an emergency, you can save money and time with Bravo Locksmith. Take a deep breath and provide proof, such as the vehicle identification number and papers. You’ll be back in your car in no time.

How to Get a New Car Key

There are more options when you’re trying to get a replacement for your car key, whether you tend to lose things, the car key fob is damaged, or the key is broken. The process and solutions depend on the situation.

Call a Local Locksmith

An automotive locksmith will be able to unlock your doors if you’re locked outside, cut and get a new smart key programmed if you’ve lost or damaged it. Regaining access to your vehicle is usually a matter of a few hours, whether you need to regain access or perhaps replacing the key.

A professional locksmith is well trained to understand the functions of keys and chips for all makes and models. They also have the tools and equipment to program fobs and make them work just like the original.

Of course, the speed and cost of the service will depend on your location, car, and year of manufacturing. At Bravo Locksmith, we’ll determine the problem based on what you tell us. We’ll search for a new key or fob based on your vehicle, get a new remote fob, and turn up as soon as possible.

Contact a Local Dealership

Whether you’re after a Lexus, Toyota, or Ford dealership, there are plenty of offices pretty much everywhere. You can go there, explain your problem, provide some details about your car, and get a new key, cut to fit and programmed accordingly.

The problem is you won’t be able to get there if you can’t drive the car, so you may need to tow it. Search for the nearest location, of course. On the same note, ordering new car keys will take a few days, sometimes up to weeks.

Please be aware that according to most consumer reports, dealerships will generally cost more than other independent services.

If you have extra car keys to use meanwhile, a dealership is a good option when you can’t find a local locksmith, yet it’s more expensive. However, you should know that even dealerships recommend using locksmiths for certain situations every now and then.

Use Your Breakdown Service

Are you already signed up with a breakdown service? In 99% of all cases, they can’t help with a replacement key, a new transponder car key, a traditional car key, or even new key fobs. Obviously, it depends on the service you use and the extras you’re paying for.

Some breakdown services also employ locksmiths, meaning they can actually program key fobs or cut car keys on the spot. It’s totally worth asking if you’re not sure, just give them a call and tell them about your car keys.

Keep in mind that while it looks convenient, you can’t sign up with a breakdown service and seek help with your car keys or key fobs straight away. They’ll usually refuse issues when they occur so soon after signing up.

Contact a Local Mechanic

On the same note, a local mechanic is worth a shot if you struggle with key fobs. If you already have a relationship with a mechanic, it’s worth a call. Some of them have the tools and equipment to help with any type of key, too. It makes no difference whether or not you still have the original car keys.

Chances are pretty low, but large businesses may have such professionals or even employ an automotive locksmith. No matter what type of key you have, let the car mechanic know about it, and who knows, you might be lucky enough to get a replacement at a good cost.

Just like for roadside assistance, chances to get a mechanic to replace keys are low. They can’t compare to an official dealer or dealership. And just like your local dealership, a mechanic may also recommend seeking help from a locksmith.

How Much Does a Replacement Car Key Cost?

How to Replace Your Lost Car Key-2Consumer reports vary widely when it comes to the cost to replace keys. Costs will vary from one dealer to another and the same rule applies to locksmiths. A dealer will usually give you a standard price that varies based on the make and model.

You’ll buy the items, but you’ll also pay for the replacing work.

When you contact a locksmith, there are more factors that affect the price and process. For example, replacing the remote on a fob will depend on the make and model. New cars are more sophisticated, so it will cost more to replace a smart fob if you lose it.

On the other hand, replacing classic keys is fairly simple. The locksmith will cut a new set if you lose your original. Then, if needed, they will reprogram it.

The price for a locksmith will also depend on why the key doesn’t work. Is it broken inside? They may have to replace locks as well. If you only lose the keys, the price to replace the set will be lower.

Furthermore, some issues may also affect the ignition if the key is damaged.

The distance is just as important, so if you lose keys, make sure you search for a local expert with good reviews and consumer reports.


Does insurance cover stolen or lost keys?

It depends on the insurance policy you have. Check the original agreement and search for factor related to keys. If you’re not sure, give them a call.

Are locksmiths better than dealerships?

Locksmiths provide the same services as dealerships, but they can usually sort your problem faster. In many cases, if you search for locksmiths as soon as you notice the problem, you could be back in your vehicle within a few hours only. Locksmiths are usually cheaper too.

What do I need to get a replacement key?

When you search for locksmiths, chances are they’ll want to make sure you’re the original owner, so you may need to provide some ID and paperwork before they can “break into your car”.

Bottom line, you can stop your search because here at Bravo Locksmith, we have the equipment to handle any type of keys, smart or traditional, for any make or model. We’re local, so we’ll be with you in no time, offering a well deserved peace of mind that your car is in reliable hands.