Ignition Lock Cylinder Re-key

Ignition lock cylinder re-key
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How to re-key an ignition lock Cylinder.

Are you having trouble starting your vehicle?

The problem might be lying in the ignition cylinder.

Are you looking for a cheap way to resolve the issue?

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Rekeying is the solution you are looking for.

Like any other lock, ignition cylinder is a combination of many components.

The art of taking out these components and being able to reassemble them is very important.

An experienced professional should be able to offer this service effortlessly.

What is re-keying?

Rekeying is simply taking out the inner workings of a lock, in this case, the ignition cylinder, so that you can assess the internal components.

For the ignition, the wafers are the most involved components.

This means that you do not have to replace the entire lock in use.

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Why is my car key not working in the ignition?

If you are having trouble twisting your car key in the ignition, it could be a problem with the ignition switch.

Also, at times it could be how the cylinder is reading the key.

When the cylinder is the problem, you need to replace it.

Sometimes specific parts like the wafers or the pins are the issue.

When this is the case, you can consider rekeying your cylinder instead of replacing it.

The person you hire can recommend the most appropriate solution depending on the problem at hand.

How is re-keying done?

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For the ignition to start, you insert a key into the cylinder.

This moves all the wafers into one direction in a uniform line.

This gives room for the plug to turn.

For the wafers to align themselves uniformly, using the correct key is vital.

This is because the key has special cuttings that should match the double slider interface of the wafer.

Accessing the ignition cylinder is the first step.

This requires the locksmith to rid the dashboard panels.

The battery needs to be off when carrying out this activity to prevent electric shocks and engine cranking.

Snapping the latches is the next thing to do.

Different vehicles have different tamper-resistant screws that require special tools to disconnect them.

Snapping the latches is very challenging.

If anything goes wrong trying to disconnect them, you might end up breaking them.

Thus, the help of a professional with experience is vital.

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With the latches removed, it is possible to see the ignition housing.

It is at this point the professional will take out the ignition cylinder. Insert the key to start the ignition.

With a faulty ignition, it will be challenging to get the ignition to start on your own.

The hired expert should be able to get the key in position.

Once this is done, depressing the security pins follows, which is possible through a small hole in the cylinder housing.

In case the cylinder is stuck, wiggle the key multiple times until the side pin is depressed.

Failure to get the pins depressed means that there are multiple screws protecting the cylinder.

Once you have freed the cylinder from the housing, you have removed all the metal bits, and all parts are detached, rekeying the lock follows.

Remove the key from the cylinder to free all the wafers.

If they are stuck, remove them forcefully.

Since your locksmith already has the code to the new key, all he needs to do is place new locking parts that will match the key cuts.

Reassemble every part and put back the cylinder to its place.

Once you reconnect the battery and the panels are in place, start the ignition.

It should start having followed these steps carefully.

How long does it take to re-key an ignition cylinder?

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Without any complications during the process, the process should take less than twenty minutes.

Also, the time taken depends on whether there is a need to replace the older cylinder.

If both re-keying and replacing the cylinder are taking place, the process will take longer but should not exceed thirty minutes.

Why is the ignition cylinder re-keying not a DIY problem?

A lot of damages can take place trying to do the entire process on your own.

You could end up breaking the latches or the panels.

This can leave you with exposed wires, which is hazardous.

Also, connecting cables and other parts wrongly means that you will be experiencing more ignition-related problems in the future.