Installing New Locks

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Installing New Locks from Your #1 Professional Locksmith in the Area

The necessity of new door locks may occur for multiple reasons. For instance, you may feel like you need an upgrade in terms of security. You want modern door locks, whether digital or smart, so you want an expert to ensure a top-notch installation.

It may also be a bit of an urgent matter with a deadbolt, some loose screws, or the necessity of a new hole or plate. If your door lock feels jammed every now and then or the locking mechanism feels outdated and squeaky, you definitely need a new system. It’s wiser to prevent unexpected situations than wait until they become an emergency.

While there are lots of DIY deadbolt tutorials out there, here at Bravo Locksmith, we believe in high security standards. Sure, you can go to the local hardware store and purchase a new deadbolt lock, a latch assembly, or a strike plate, but our experience will ensure a guaranteed installation.

Residential and Commercial New Door Lock Systems

At Bravo Locksmith, we’re ready to provide a customer satisfaction guarantee because we know exactly what we’re doing with your deadbolt or door edge, whether the problem is in your door jamb, door frame, or your own locks. It makes no difference if you have an issue with the front door or other locks around the home, including windows. If the issue is in the deadbolt, consider it done.

We provide excellent service to both residential homes and commercial properties. We’re the #1 choice for plenty of local businesses, regardless of the size. No deadbolt job is too small or big for us. Whether you encounter an issue or you’re looking to upgrade to smart locks, we’ve got your back.

We even supply a series of locks, deadbolts, and key systems that match the highest quality standards, so no matter what kind of replacement lock you’re after, chances are we already have it. We can give your existing lock an upgrade, but we can also focus on the same brand for locks or door knobs.

Believe it or not, our experienced locksmiths also offer automotive services.

No matter if the issue is in the deadbolt, a large hole, or a stuck key, we’re ready to replace or install whatever needs to be done to ensure a secure job.

DIY Lock Installation Vs. Hiring Our Professional Locksmiths

Installing New Locks-2There are countless tutorials about installing a brand new lock or deadbolt. Besides, you probably already know how to get a new hole done.

You’ll be able to learn about the latch faceplate, how to put in a new deadbolt, how to match the edge of the door, not to mention how to drill pilot holes, get rid of an old deadbolt, or get two screws in a new strike plate after removing the old strike plate.

In theory, it looks simple. You’ll be able to save a bit of money, but the expenses associated with DIY projects will be higher. Replacing a deadbolt or a secure key system is more than just watching a tutorial.

We have all the tools we may need for any type of new key lock, whether we need a new screw hole or tools to install exterior doors. You don’t! So unless you’re ready to spend a fortune on professional tools to trim an edge or drill a new hole, you’ll need to improvise and perhaps use a flat head screwdriver or a utility knife instead. That’s when replacing a lock becomes a messy job.

Other than that, a video may show you how to do things, but hands-on experience can’t be taken from the Internet. At Bravo Locksmith, we have years in this industry, so we know precisely what we’re doing. We’ll save you both time and money whether you need to repair, replace, or install a lock.

And on top of all these, we’ll guarantee your security, something you can’t do when you barely know what you’re doing when replacing locks.

Repairing Locks Vs. Replacing Old Locks, What’s Better?

Generally speaking, we’ll assess your door and identify the problem, if any. We’ll check every hole or part of a latch. In the first phase, we’ll try to repair your existing door lock. Unless you want an upgrade anyway, we’ll try to work on your old lock, rather than install new locks.

This way, you’ll be able to use the same key, but you’ll also save a bit of money since you don’t need to purchase a new lock, door, or hardware. You won’t need a new key, new holes or working on the side of the door to make sure it closes properly.

But then, there are situations when a professional locksmith can’t help but recommend a new door lock installation. The locking mechanism could be compromised, not to mention broken keys inside door locks or an outdated door lock.

We like to believe every door lock or door jamb problem has at least a few different solutions. We’ll help you understand the issue, whether it’s about the door edge, the door’s surface, the current deadbolt, or the hardware. We’ll give you the pros and cons of each solution, so you’ll be able to make a more informed decision regarding your door locks or deadbolt lock.

Don’t worry if your problem is too big, we can handle anything that involves door locks. The installation process also implies working on the door, interior side, and exterior side, only to ensure a good final result. Apart from locks, we can also install new doors.

New Deadbolt Lock Installation After a Break in

Installing New Locks-1Unexpected situations arise when least expected when it comes to door locks, regardless of how careful we’re trying to be. But at the same time, there are things we can do to prevent them and a professional latch or lock can often act as a thief deterrent.

Thieves often try to work around the edge of the door or break into an existing lock on your front door.

If you experience a break in, whether successful or not, it pays off replacing your locks. The hardware could be damaged or fragile, even if the key still works and you can lock the door. We’ll get a new faceplate, latch, or deadbolt in, check the screws, and make sure everything’s installed by the book.

We’ll also analyze the edge of the door before deciding on a replacement lock, as well as the interior side of your door.

In need of new doors? Forget about a new hole, a new plate, or deadbolts. We’ll measure everything and fit the door in, get rid of the excess material, and give you better security standards.

While repairs are often said to save money, the truth is the idea to install a new lock is also a cost-effective solution. New hardware will last for ages if well looked after, not to mention the possibility of an upgrade. A new door may also be a matter of personal preference if you want a more solid material or different locks.

At Bravo Locksmith, we can secure your home or business in no time, replace all kinds of locks, and supply various types for your convenience and available budget. Like a hardware store, we are fully equipped with tools and parts, like screws! All of our team members have provided screws and other important parts for lock services so we are fully prepared on any job.

Regular Lock Maintenance, an Actual Necessity

Most homeowners don’t bother with lock and door maintenance, which is a terrible mistake. They only start caring when they experience problems with their locks or doors. At that point, they’re likely to experience an emergency situation anytime soon.

Once we’re done installing your locks, we’ll also offer a step by step guide to maintain them and make sure they last for as long as possible.

When it comes to businesses, we offer a more comprehensive package that involves regular checkups and maintenance. Each package is customized based on your business needs. Get in touch with us, and we’ll inspect your premises and provide a solution straight away.

Costs of Installing Locks

The costs of installing locks depend on more factors. Based on what you tell us, we’ll be able to give you a quote right away. Some of the factors that can affect the price include:

  • The types of locks you want installed
  • Whether you want a quick fix or replacement
  • How many locks you need to change
  • The brand, as we stock multiple types of locks
  • Extra services, such as installing new door, locks on your windows, or security systems

What works for some customers won’t work for others, but if there’s one thing we’re 100% certain of, that’s customer satisfaction.