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What are the Things that You Need to Consider Before You Change Your Locks?

Lock change tips and tricks
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Before you do anything with your locks, make sure to ask yourself these questions.

  • What kind or what level of security do you need for your home?
  • Where do you need to have the locks installed? How many people need keys?

Well, if you have answered these questions and you are ready to contact a locksmith company, make sure to call Bravo Locksmith.

Level of Security

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When you talk about security, it means you are thinking about your loved ones and your property. Make sure that you ask for sturdy and durable hardware that will ensure the protection and security of your home. Do not settle for cheap locks that can be easily altered or destroyed. Always rely on us so that we can give you high-quality supplies that can last.

The locks that we can provide can assure you that your home is safe from any unwanted visitors.

There will be no way for burglaries to happen because your home is fully secured with great and well-functioning locks. Based on SadeWaise, a lot of home burglaries usually occur from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm because most people are at work and the house is left unattended.

If you have assured your home locks though our help, you have nothing to worry about. Your home is fine, and it will still be intact when you go home. The locks that we provide cannot be easily manipulated.

How Can Someone Open a Lock, in 3 Seconds or so?

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Lock open in 3 Seconds?

Well, this is true; there are locks that can be manipulated or altered easily. You should be very cautious when picking the locks for your home. Some can just use a credit card and any similar card to slid into the lock. There are a lot of techniques that can be used to open the door like door shimming, key bumping, or lock picking.

Door Shimming is one of the most popular techniques, and this is the strategy that is usually used for the 3-second break-in. Any bendable plastic can be used as the credit card to jam and then unlatch the lock. If you think your locks can encounter this issue, contact us, and we will give you a better lock that cannot be manipulated easily.

Make Sure to Get the Right Lock Replacement

Here are some tips that you should ponder on. For exterior locks in your home, it is advised that you have at least two sturdy functioning locks. This is important so that if the first one fails to protect your home, there’s still another one.

Also, this will give more difficulty to people who would intend to go in illegally to your house. If you also want, you can invest your money into having a door know that has a locking mechanism that comes with a durable latch guard. This type of lock will be good to have because it is not possible to be manipulated through door shimming.

Also, for the other lock, you can also consider the one with a primary security lock, such as the deadbolt lock. These are the things that we always suggest to our customers so that their security is assured round the clock.

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The cheap deadbolts that you can find in several home depots are also not advantageous. They are affordable, but honestly, you are just getting what you will pay for it. You will also get cheap and poor security for your home. You should find high-quality locks that have multiple levels of security. This is a must so that you will not face more inconveniences in the future.

4 Top Considerations Before You opt to Change Your Locks at Home


The lock that you should get must be shim proof, bump proof, or pick proof. The new locks today that have the highest security possible are the ones that come with a key card. This is really advantageous to have because it can give you an assurance that you know who is the only person that can copy or duplicate your key. It would be very difficult for anyone to have a key without your permission.


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Check and go around your home and check the area surrounding the door. If you want to ensure your house, it is a must that your windows also have locks that offer premium protection just like the locks on your doors. There are double cylinder deadbolt or tubular deadbolt that you can consider for your windows. The windows need to bear the same protection so that your door locks will be useful.


If you have multiple keys and you are getting confused as to which one to use on each lock, it is good to have them keyed alike. You can ask for this service from us and rest assured that we will key them accurately. This step is really good for people who are after comfort and convenience. Inquire more about this through our contact number. We will guide you throughout the entire process.


The look of the locks adds up to the overall beauty of your home, so be sure to get good door hardware that will match the other hardware you have around the house. If you use gold, use it throughout. The locks can be an accent to your home to make it really fancy and elegant.

Time to Change Your Door Lock!

If you have read all the information above carefully, it is safe to say that it’s time to change the locks in your home to magnify the security. You and your family need the best security possible so that there will be no incidents of the break-in and illegal entry. You can sleep at night with full peace of mind. You are assured that your home is locked well and that no one can cause you hard. Change your lock today and contact us. You will never go wrong with the experts.