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Lock Re-key services
Re-key your deadbolt locks to acquire a new key for use in your home or office. Call our team of technicians for reliable lock services.

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What do you need to know about Lock replacement?

Sometimes, replacing your key is not enough to restore the confidence in your security systems.

You need to see some changes to be sure that the breach will not occur again.

To do so, you can have a new set of keys for the same locks installed, or you can go for a better, more secure option in the market.

This prompts for a lock replacement service from an experienced lock expert.

But, before you go into the process of getting new locks for your home, what do you need to know about lock replacement to make your efforts successful?

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Why would you need to replace your locks?

There are many reasons why people have locks installed on their doors.

Some want underlying security from random people who would want to enter into your home.

Others install the locks to protect valuable property.

On the other hand, you will find someone installing new locks after dealing with a messy breakout from business, relationship, or after facing a threat.

All these reasons work for a common goal, to keep you and your family safe.

So, when you no longer feel safe with the locks you have in place, then you can always replace them for better ones.

That means you get down to reading catalogs to identify the best locks, then go ahead and hire locksmiths to install the lock.

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What are the benefits of hiring a professional for the replacement?

Lock replacement often takes some reasonable time and effort to get the job done right.

Since you are doing this for security reasons, then you will need the result to be the most secure it can be.

That means that you do not handle the locks unless you are an expert.

So, why do you need the expert on-site to validate the lock replacement service?

First, they have experience dealing with all types of locks.

Therefore, they have a better understanding of their working and installation, compared to when you read out the instructions form the manual.

Secondly, with their high level of experience, they are less likely to damage either your door or the locks in the process of the installation.

Besides, with an insured locksmith in San Jose, you do not have to worry about the extra costs covering damages and repairs.

Finally, by hiring a professional, you not only get an excellent finishing on your door but your confidence in your security system increases.

Lock Re-key services
Re-key your deadbolt locks to acquire a new key for use in your home or office. Call our team of technicians for reliable lock services.

What locks do you go for during replacement?

When you set your mind to replacing the locks on your door, then you should do it right.

So, what locks do you go for?

There are three grades of security locks in the market today.

The third-grade locks, offering the least resistance to intrusion, the second-grade locks, which are better compared to the third, but inferior to the first grade.

Finally, we have the first-grade locks, which come equipped with features to prevent lock picking and to bumping.

When replacing the locks on your doors, always ensure that you either get the same grade of locks or higher and never a lower grade.

The main aim of the lock replacement is to boost up security in your home, and not make it worse.

So, go for the better option. Secondly, whenever possible, choose a different type of lock for your home when you decide to replace the locks.

By installing the same lock, you do little to prevent future occurrences of a break-in.

However, by getting a different lock, with a different lock mechanism, you present a challenge to the intruders.

Hi-security Lock Repair
A hi-security lock and key for your office. Call us today for professional office lock-out services in San Jose.

Finally, what is the cost of replacing your locks?

Lock replacement involves a series of exercises on the part of the property owner and the locksmith.

You need to choose the type of lock to install on your property and follow up with your locksmith to determine whether it is possible or not.

You can choose a lock for your wooden door, which would introduce weakness and damage.

Hence you need to consult your locksmith.

Then you need to buy the locks and get the locksmith on site.

Depending on the type of lock you plan on installing in your home, the prices are different.

If you need a rim lock, then the costs will vary from when you decide to install a keyless entry system for your home.