Locked Keys in The Trunk

Unlock the car trunk
When you cannot unlock the trunk, call us for professional trunk lockout services in San Jose.

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How to retrieve your locked keys in the trunk.

It is very easy for a person who has not been faced with this issue to call you careless.

However, many car owners can relate to one or two occasions when car keys decide to cause a wrench in their day.

Trunk lockout in San Jose
Unlocking the trunk from trunk unlock mechanism. Open the trunk with its car key.

Maybe you were getting out some shopping from your trunk, and when you finish, you lock the trunk and forget to pick your keys.

Also, you might be in a hurry to pick your ringing phone and end up locking your car keys in the trunk.

Still, you might drop an item you were holding, and when picking it up, the trunk decides it is time to lock itself. Many of these instances are usually inescapable.

What do you do when you lock your car keys in the trunk?

At the occasion of locked keys in the trunk, there are several options to go for. some of them include

Use your spare key

If you ever lost your car key before, then you know the importance of having a spare key.

Locking your car key is one of those instances when they are helpful.

All you need is to get to your house or ask a friend to bring it to you if you are not close to them and the problem goes away.

Car trunk unlock mechanism
when you have locked the keys in the trunk, use the trunk unlock mechanism first.

Trunk release button solution

This serves as a perfect solution if you have an access point to the inside of the car.

It can be an open window or door.

Many new vehicle models have a trunk release button, a feature that most car owners will not even notice.

This feature can be in numerous places in your car.

It could be at the glovebox, left side or under the steering wheel, on the driver’s door, or at the middle console.

Folding your rear seat

car unlock services in San Jose.
Using the key FOB to unlock you car. Call us today for car unlock services in San Jose.

On the occasion where your car lacks a trunk release button, it might have foldable rear seats.

All you need is fold the back seats and slide your way into the trunk.

This solution is also viable if you can get access to the interior of your car.

Manipulate your car’s locking mechanism

If all the above means don’t yield any fruits, overriding the trunk locking mechanism can also serve as a solution.

There is no specific way to get this done.

Different vehicles have different locking mechanisms, and therefore, the process of manipulating them differs.

You can browse the process to do so, depending on your vehicle’s make and model.

However, try out this option if you have some knowledge or experience with cars.

Otherwise, you will end up elevating the problem you currently have.

Call a professional car locksmith in San Jose

Unlock the car trunk
When you cannot unlock the trunk, call us for professional trunk lockout services in San Jose.

It is effortless to start thinking of DIY solutions.

They can be cheap and prompting to go for. If it is not the first time you are facing this challenge, it can be a fruit solution.

However, if you are facing this issue for the first time, this might be a very wrong move, which could cost a lot afterwards.

Instead, calling a professional would be a better solution.

With our automotive locksmith in San Jose, all your lockout troubles are in safe hands.

With decades of experience in this field, we have managed to deal with countless clients faced by this challenge.

This has not only enabled up to up our skills in service delivery, but it also gives us confidence that we end up having satisfied and happy customers.

Our trunk unlocking services differ depending on the age of the car.

Old models have different features from those of a new model.

Using a lock picker to unlock the trunk.

car unlock services in San Jose, CA.
A car key can do more than unlocking your car. Call us for car unlock services in San Jose, CA.

For old models, our professionals will often use the pick tool.

They will fit his tool that resembles a cloth hanger in the area between the side of the window and the rubber.

When in position, we will figure the situation of the door lock and try to pull it. When the locks are open, we have access to the vehicle, which enables us to release the latch that controls the trunk.

If not the latch, we will trace the trunk release button and open the trunk.

For newer car models, it can be challenging since they make use of electronic security features.

However, this does not pose a challenge for our skillful professionals.

When they get access to the interior of the car, they will try using the four fuses, one at a time, to unlock the trunk.

If this does not work, they will pull the four fuses at the same time. This works most of the time.

Dealing with many vehicle models have taken our expertise to higher levels. Thus, feel comfortable to contact us whenever faced with trunk lockout.