Replace Car Keys by VIN Online

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How to Replace Car Keys by VIN Online – Is It Possible?

Replace Car Keys by VIN OnlineWhether you’ve lost the car key, the key code no longer works or your ignition key fob is cracked, there are times when you need a car key replacement. And unlike most expectations, you don’t necessarily need to get to a car dealership to replace car keys.

In today’s world, and given the modern key codes associated with smart vehicles, you can often get a new car key by using nothing but your VIN number. Ideally, you should have a second key to be able to use the car until someone can get the key cut for you.

At Bravo Locksmith, we have a specialized key cutting machine that will duplicate key and reprogram fobs based on nothing but your vehicle’s VIN number. Our experts only require the vehicle identification number and a quick confirmation before you’ll have the key made by your requirements.

When It’s Possible to Replace Car Keys by the VIN Number

There are certain situations when a valet key can be made from scratch using the VIN and sometimes only the car registration plate. Most car dealers will require more than just the reg, the same goes for locksmiths.

On the other hand, only specific vehicle makes and models can get a key or fob in this manner. Most cars made these days can match the standards required for VIN orders, but the job might be impossible for older models. All in all, it’s always worth checking with your vehicle, you never know.

Year of Manufacturing

The year of manufacturing holds a significant importance when it comes to the replacement part. Most records date back to the late 1990s. Whether you reach a dealer for your car or you seek help from a locksmith, they’ll usually ask you for the make, model and year before proceeding with new car keys.

If you can get a locksmith to come over, they’ll usually be able to do it on the spot. Ordering online by VIN may take a few days. On a side note, to find the VIN you’ll usually have to look on the windshield or dashboard, but sometimes, based on your vehicle, the unique identifier code could be in the glove box.

Original Car Key

The original car key isn’t a requirement. After all, that’s why you need a new key, mainly because you’ve lost the original. Even if you still have it but it’s damaged, you don’t really need it. No locksmith will ask you for it.

However, what holds significance is providing proof of ownership. No service will help out with cars, keys and locks if you can’t prove you own the car. Start looking for the paperwork in your document file or you won’t get the new key cut and programmed.

Reprogramming the Key

A dealership or a professional locksmith will have the equipment to cut a new key, but also to handle the programming part. Cutting the key is the easiest part and won’t add much to the price. Programming is what makes it more difficult.

At Bravo Locksmith, we have the tools required to program door keys for every manufacturer and their vehicles. Whether you have a BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, you name it, we’ll make it happen. First, we’ll have to determine the requirements for your vehicle before proceeding with the replacement thing.

Who Can Replace Car Keys by the VIN Number?

Based on your location, browse the local dealers and contact them for assistance. While you can opt to tow the vehicle there, but there’s no point doing it if you can get the keys by using the VIN. Simply check with the dealer first to make sure they can do it without requiring the physical presence of the vehicle.

Most automotive locksmiths will be able to fix and replace remote keys and fobs too. Their services extend to situations such as if you broke the key inside the lock or the doors are locked, since they’ll also be able to unlock the vehicle and restore access. Again, you need proof to prove that the title is in your name.

Locksmith Vs. Dealership, What’s Better?

Replace Car Keys by VIN OnlineSeeking assistance from your car dealership for new keys is undoubtedly a reliable option. The problem is you’ll have to wait for the new key to be shipped over, then usually collect it yourself. The cost won’t be too low either. And if you do need to transport your car there, think about the towing cost too.

Not all auto locksmiths can help with new keys by codes, so mention the make, model and year of manufacturing when you make a call. If they can, the cost will be lower, especially since they usually come to you. This means no towing cost. Furthermore, locksmiths offer quick turnaround times and will sort out the problem on the spot.

Should I Call My Insurance Company to Replace Keys?

Your insurance company won’t give you a new car key. It can’t help with the key code or new car keys. However, based on your policy, it might be able to help with the price of car key replacement. If not sure about your coverage, simply call the company and tell the advisor about the issue with your car key code.

Even if a company does help with the car key code, chances are you’ll have to pay for the job yourself, then seek reimbursement. When you get a new car key based on the key code or VIN number, it’s essential to have the paperwork as proof to prove your claim.

How Locksmiths Replace Your Car Keys by the VIN Number

Whether or not you have the original car keys, a locksmith will be able to get a new key made for your car. After gathering all the details and verifying your ownership, locksmiths will proceed to cut the new key for the car. In the case of older cars, the car key made doesn’t have to be programmed.

If you have a new car, the key made might be enough to use manually, but the additional functionalities won’t work. In such instances, locksmith will use the same code to reprogram the car key made and ensure it works according to that code.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Car Keys by VIN?

Compared to a dealer, a locksmith will charge less to get a new car key made, then program the key to make sure it works. Giving a general price is impossible because cost depends on more factors, such as the brand of the vehicle, potential door issues, and the manufacturing year. Cars made in present years will require a harder task.

Your place plays a crucial role in the process of obtaining a new car key. When the locksmith will answer the phone call, they’ll ask for some record details before proceeding to retrieve your car key. Your location is, therefore, more important than physically visiting a shop in this context.

If you go in person, get all the paperwork with you and make sure you have the VIN and registration saved somewhere.

What If I Can’t Get Car Keys by VIN Online?

Unable to get a new key by VIN online? No problem, whether it’s lost, damaged or broken in the lock, go to a dealer or get a locksmith to come over. The process is the same and implies cutting the key and getting it programmed. If broken in the lock, locks may also need a service.

In such situations, the VIN is irrelevant. However, you still need to show proof of ownership before the replacement service. You may have to spend more money to regain access.


How long does replacement by VIN take?

Dealerships may take days or even weeks to order what’s needed. A locksmith can sort your lock and key out within hours, usually while you wait, even if the original key is lost.

Where can I find the VIN?

Look at the windshield from the outside. You can also check your paperwork. Sometimes, it could be on a sticker inside the glove box. Don’t bother with the key, it’s never there.

What if my key is broken and not lost?

No matter what the issue is, at Bravo Locksmith, we’ll be able to get a new key done. If the key is broken in the lock or ignition, these things will need repairs as well.