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How to tackle common problems affecting locks and keys.

Every Household, office, or any other property will have a lock on the door.

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In some places, there are locks on the windows, file cabinets, warehouses, barns, and many more areas.

That said, it becomes apparent that you will interact with a lock at least once in a day.

However, these locks are not always in perfect condition, and you will face some problems.

Some are simple, and you can quickly resolve them yourself.

Others, on the other hand, will require the services of a professional locksmith to resolve.

Today, we look at some of the most common lock problems and how you can fix them yourself:

A key broken in the lock

Sometimes, you come home, and when you are opening your door, your key breaks in the lock.

Or, you bend the key too far on the lock, to the point where bending it back would cause some severe damage to the lock.

So, what do you do when you break your key it the lock?

One way to remove the broken key from your lock is by using a pair of nose clip pliers.

With this, you insert them into the lock, clip on the remaining part of the key, reset it to the closed or open position, and pull it out.

Alternatively, you can use a jigsaw to pull out the key.

You can slide the saw into the lock, along the key, and then hook the blade into the key and pull it out.

Finally, if you lack any of the above tools, you can use a small screwdriver to pull out the key.

However, before you use any of the above methods, make sure the key is in a vertical position, detangled from the pins.

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Stuck key

Sometimes, you insert a key into your lock, and it gets stuck.

This could be due to misaligned pins, or when you are using a new key.

When you rekeyed your locks, and you notice a problem with proper key functioning, then, this is the problem we are dealing with.

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The wise decision is not to struggle to pull it out, as you may damage the lock and the pins.

Conversely, go back to your house, and in the toolbox, get that spray lubricant you have.

Once on the lock, spray inside the lock, as you try to move the key around.

Pull it out slowly after spraying the lubricant.

However, if the problem persists, then you can seek out the services of a professional.

Frozen locks

During the winters, locks freeze up, and if you try inserting your key, you will most likely be unsuccessful.

There could be some ice buildup in the lock, or some pins contract and block the way of the key.

So, what do you do when you want to open your car, and your locks are frozen?

The solution is some low heat supply to your locks.

For instance, you can use a blow drier to blow some hot air into the lock.

This will work to heat the lock and melt away any ice. However, keep a keen eye on the temperature of the air you blow into the lock.

High temperatures can damage the lock, resulting in more damage.

Seized locks

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Have you ever inserted your key in the lock, and when you take it out, it is full of dirt?

Well, today, it may not be a problem, but with time, you will start having problem problems opening your lock.

At some point, you will have a seized lock, which means that your locking mechanism is clogged, and you need to remove the dirt and debris if you are to restore regular operation.

The dirt could prevent the pins from engaging, which means you are either unable to open or close your lock.

To resolve this problem, you only need a WD-40 spray lubricant.

Using the straw, lubricate the lock, and using a small pin, remove the dirt.

Sometimes, there are some minor problems, such as when you notice your lock becoming loose, or a misaligned lock and strike plate.

When you do so, you will only need a screwdriver to tighten the loose bolts or screws.

However, if you have tried any of the above tricks, and you still have trouble with your lock or key, do not hesitate to call in a professional locksmith for help.