The Cost of Car Key Duplication

What is the cost of duplicating a car key
Ford chip key cutting services in San Jose. Our technicians cuts a new spare key for a customer

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What is the cost of duplicating a car key?

Are you looking for a spare key for your car, or perhaps the current car keys are worn out?

Maybe you want to duplicate your existing key before it is defaced?

Well, you are the perfect candidate for car key duplication.

What is the cost of duplicating a car key
Ford chip key cutting services in San Jose. Our technicians cuts a new spare key for a customer

However, like any other service, you will be concerned about the overall cost of duplicating the key.

If you want a new car key, you can either call a local locksmith for the task or ask your dealership to duplicate the key.

For this factor, the cost will vary, with the latter proving to be relatively more expensive.

However, we cannot decisively state the exact cost of duplicating your car.

This process is dependent on several factors.

These include but not limited to;

  • Local store or a dealership?
  • The type of your car key.
  • Duplication process.
  • Your car make and model, among others.

Some common factors that will influence the price tag on duplicating your car key.

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What is the difference between duplicating and replacing a car key?

There is a common misconception that car key duplication and replacement are the same.

Even though you will end up with a new key, in the long run, this is not true.

With duplication, it is ideally getting a copy car key made.

You will need your physical key.

It more about fabricating a new key from a physical one.

Car key replacement, on the other hand, involves cutting a new key from scratch.

This is mostly a better solution when your car key is broken in the lock, lost, or misplaced.

As above, it is evident that key duplication is not the same as a replacement.

So, before you decide to go for duplication services, make sure you have a physical key with you.

The type of your car key.

Your car key largely depends on your car model, and as a result, will equally influence the cost of car key duplication.

Each car model has a specific type of blank for its keys.

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Therefore, you have to be sure that you get the exact blank.

As a result, this will be the base of your car key duplication cost.

Depending on the features of your car key, it might be difficult and a lot more expensive to duplicate the key.

It might be complicated to get a new key that works perfectly with your current key.

However, it is a locksmith’s job to get a new copy for your car key.

Conversely, if you are using a standard key, then it might be less costly since they are easy to duplicate.

When unsure about the type of your car key, you can verify that from your car manual.

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Car key duplication process.

Certainly, the process used to copy a new key will influence the cost of duplication of a car key.

The machine that you choose for the process is what will primarily affect the price.

A duplicating machine will lower the time needed to duplicate the key, the precision to cut the key, and how easily it is to copy the key.

However, it is difficult to track this factor into the cost, but it will mainly imply the cost.

The price of a precisely cut key will be higher as opposed to a less precise key.

Moreover, if the time it takes to duplicate the key is more, you can expect to pay less.

Key Duplication Services in San Jose
How to cut a new key in with a duplicating machine. A standard key cut.

Therefore, the process of copying a key will largely influence the overall cost of car key duplication.

Are you choosing a local store or a dealership?

When it comes to car key duplication costs, you have two options to consider.

You can go to your local locksmith or your automotive dealership.

However, each of these has varying implications on the overall cost.

A local locksmith can duplicate a new key, and they have a variety of key blanks.

Moreover, they are fast, and the process might take as little as 20 minutes to duplicate a new key.

On the flip side, a dealership is relatively more expensive.

Even though they have an exclusive catalog of car key blanks, the process might take one week or longer.

However, if you are concerned about car key replacement costs, it is not as expensive as car key replacement services.