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Bravo Locksmith Can Professionally Install New Ignition Switch For Your Vehicle

install new ignition switch2A malfunctioning ignition switch can frustrate and inconvenience vehicle owners, potentially leaving them stranded or unable to start their vehicles. At Bravo Locksmith, we understand the importance of reliable ignition switches and offer professional ignition switch installation services to ensure that your car starts smoothly every time.

In this article, we explore the reasons why you might need ignition switch replacement, the process our locksmiths use to replace an old lock cylinder, alternative methods to replace the ignition switch without a key, the tools our locksmiths use to check the ignition cylinder and system, and why Bravo Locksmith is the best choice for your ignition switch replacement and installation needs.

Why You Would Need To Replace a Faulty Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder

There are several reasons why your vehicle may have a faulty ignition switch. Regardless of the reason, you’ll need an ignition lock cylinder replacement sooner or later. One common cause is wear and tear. Over time, the components of the ignition switch can become worn or damaged with regular use. Constant engagement and disengagement of the ignition system during vehicle operation can gradually wear down the internal mechanisms of the ignition, including the ignition lock cylinder, ignition module, and ignition key switch, resulting in decreased functionality and eventual failure.

Exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, or dirt and debris can also contribute to ignition switch failure. Over time, these environmental factors can cause corrosion, rust, or buildup within the ignition system, hindering its ability to function correctly, and replacing parts of the ignition is inevitable. Suppose moisture gets in behind the plastic cover. In that case, it can lead to electrical malfunctions and short circuits within the ignition cylinder, causing erratic behavior or complete failure of the ignition system.

Other factors, such as electrical issues, key damage, or attempted theft, may also necessitate ignition lock cylinder replacement. Electrical problems, including faulty wiring or a malfunctioning ignition switch relay, can disrupt the flow of electricity that supplies power to the ignition system, preventing the vehicle from starting.

Other Factors To Consider

install new ignition switch1Key damage, such as a broken or bent key, can prevent the ignition lock cylinder from properly starting the car ignition, resulting in difficulty turning the ignition switch. Damaged keys will also create problems locking or unlocking your car door locks. Instead of being stranded, we recommend you order a set of new keys from our key-cutting specialists. We can cut keys on the spot, so you’re never left in a lockout situation.

Furthermore, attempted theft or vandalism can cause physical damage to the steering column, steering wheel, ignition lock cylinder, and ignition module cover, rendering it inoperable and necessitating replacement. Criminals may attempt to forcibly remove or tamper with the steering wheel column, lock cylinder, or ignition switch to steal the vehicle or access its components. In such cases, replacing an ignition switch and repairing damaged parts of the system is essential to restore the functionality and security of the vehicle’s ignition system.

Regardless of the cause, it is important to promptly address ignition switch failure issues to avoid being stranded without a working vehicle. Our qualified professionals should perform ignition lock cylinder replacement to ensure proper installation and functionality. By replacing an ignition switch at the first sign of trouble, vehicle owners can avoid potential safety hazards and inconveniences associated with ignition system failure. Talk to us today about installing a new switch for your car, truck, SUV, or fleet vehicle.

How Our Locksmiths Replace an Ignition Lock Cylinder

When you choose Bravo Locksmith for lock cylinder and ignition switch replacement, you can trust that our experienced locksmiths will handle the job with precision and expertise. Our process begins with thoroughly inspecting the vehicle’s ignition system to diagnose the issue accurately. Our locksmiths utilize diagnostic tools and years of expertise to identify any underlying problems affecting the ignition system’s performance.

Once the problem is identified, our locksmiths meticulously disassemble the ignition assembly to access the ignition lock cylinder. This involves removing necessary components, such as the steering column covers or dashboard panels, to gain access to the ignition switch. Our locksmiths take great care during this process to avoid causing any damage to surrounding components. Using specialized equipment and techniques, our automotive locksmiths carefully remove the old ignition lock cylinder from the assembly by first removing the bolt heads of the plastic cover. Then, we focus on disconnecting electrical connectors and removing retaining clips, depending on the specific design of the ignition system. Our locksmiths pay close attention to detail to ensure the removal process is performed smoothly and efficiently.

Within the ignition assembly is a release pin designed to secure the ignition switch. The release pin inside must be accessed and engaged to remove the old ignition switch and allow for its extraction. Once this pin is engaged, you can carefully remove the old ignition switch. Proper manipulation of this pin ensures the smooth and efficient replacement of the ignition switch, enabling the vehicle’s ignition system to function optimally.

Once the old ignition lock cylinder is removed, our locksmiths install a new one that is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. They carefully position the new ignition lock cylinder within the assembly, ensuring it is properly aligned and securely fastened in place. Our locksmiths use their expertise to ensure that the new lock cylinder functions correctly and is ready to be used. Once the old switch is removed, the new switch is installed in reverse order, the wiring harness is reconnected, and power is restored to the battery. The battery’s positive and negative terminal posts are reconnected, and the ignition system is tested to verify proper operation. The battery is typically a black box with a positive and negative terminal located on top.

During this process, the accessory position and run position of the ignition switch play crucial roles. The accessory position allows power to be supplied to specific electrical components of the vehicle, such as the radio or interior lights, without engaging the engine. In contrast, the run position activates the vehicle’s electrical system, including the ignition and fuel systems, enabling the engine to start and run. These positions are pivotal during ignition switch replacement, as they dictate the power flow and ensure proper functionality of the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Final Steps

Finally, our locksmiths reassemble the ignition assembly, reinstalling any lock cylinder and steering wheel components that were removed during the disassembly process. They meticulously follow manufacturer guidelines and specifications to ensure all parts are correctly aligned and secured. Our locksmiths thoroughly test the ignition switch to verify proper functionality and ensure your vehicle starts smoothly. Our locksmiths prioritize attention to detail and quality craftsmanship throughout the lock cylinder replacement process to deliver superior results. You can trust Bravo Locksmith to provide professional ignition lock cylinder replacement services that meet the highest standards of excellence.

How to replace ignition switch without key

In some cases, vehicle owners may need to replace the ignition switch without a key. This task can be challenging even with a repair manual and may require specialized equipment and expertise; our locksmiths at Bravo Locksmith are equipped to handle such situations.

Using the repair manual and attempting to do ignition repair work yourself may even cause more damage to the car’s intricate ignition switch components. The locksmiths at Bravo Locksmith use various safe and secure methods to replace the ignition switch without a key, including disassembling the ignition assembly and manually turning the ignition switch to the “on” position.

Additionally, the locksmiths at Bravo Locksmith may use specialized tools such as lock picks or key extraction tools to manipulate the ignition switch and complete the replacement process efficiently. While do-it-yourself approaches are a great way to save costs, if you are unsure how to successfully replace your vehicle’s specific ignition switch with or without a key, you could cause more damage to your car, costing you both time and money.

What Tools Do Our Locksmiths Use to Check the Ignition System?

At Bravo Locksmith, our locksmiths use various tools and equipment to check the ignition system and diagnose any issues accurately. Some tools commonly used during ignition system inspections include diagnostic scanners, which allow our locksmiths to read and interpret error codes stored in the vehicle’s onboard computer system.

Additionally, our locksmiths may use voltage meters or continuity testers to check for electrical issues within the ignition system, such as faulty wiring or a malfunctioning ignition switch. By utilizing these advanced techniques and tools, our locksmiths can identify and address ignition system problems quickly and effectively, ensuring that your vehicle starts smoothly and reliably.


In conclusion, Bravo Locksmith offers professional ignition switch installation services to ensure your vehicle starts smoothly and reliably. Whether you need ignition lock cylinder replacement due to wear and tear, electrical issues, or key damage, our experienced locksmiths can handle the job with precision and expertise.

With our detailed step-by-step process, we can efficiently replace the ignition lock cylinder and ensure that your vehicle’s ignition system functions correctly. Additionally, our locksmiths are equipped to handle ignition switch replacements even without a key using specialized tools and techniques. Trust Bravo Locksmith for all your ignition switch and lock cylinder installation needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be back in your vehicle and back on the road again in no time.