Car Locksmith in Campbell CA

Car Locksmith in Campbell CA
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Hello Campbell CA residents! Bravo Locksmith is your local storefront and mobile locksmith service in Campbell.

Why should you choose Bravo Locksmith Campbell CA?

No doubt. These days there are tons of “online marketing” specialists that fill in Google’s search results with advertisements for their businesses. The problem starts when you ask yourself: Who is a reliable locksmith technician that I can trust? The answer to that is very simple. The only locksmith service that you should trust is a business that has an address to come to when you have a problem with your key or lock.

key fob replacement in campbell ca
Get a key FOB replacement in Campbell, CA

The “online locksmith only” companies are usually Search Engine Optimization specialists that have the knowledge on how to be on the first page of Google, but they are definitely not locksmiths. What they do is to take your phone call and then sell the “lead” to an unknown locksmith technician that will pay them between 30%-50% of the total. This is locksmiths scams are so popular around Campbell CA. The technician wants it to be worth to come to your place and do the job. Beware of “cheap” and “best price”, or $15 to a call locksmith services. These are just another way to convince you to pick up the phone and make the mistake by calling to a sharp salesman, pretending to be a locksmith.

I need a car locksmith in Campbell CA

Especially when it comes to car key replacement. These keys, push start, fob’s or smart keys cost a lot! And when an unknown car locksmith in Campbell is doing the job for you, you can never know if “new key” you’ve just purchased is used with a new shell, or maybe he bought a bulk of defect keys for a cheap price. And then… when a malfunction occurs, you have no place to go to. Sucks!

car locksmith in campbell ca
Key programming in Campbell, CA

With us, you can trust that we are here to stay. Bravo Locksmiths serves the entire area with good and reliable locksmith services. And you always welcome to our brick and mortar store to visit or ask any question you want to.

Are you looking for a car locksmith near me in Campbell CA?

That’s awesome! We serve the community of Campbell CA for over 12 years. Our experienced locksmith technicians have the proper knowledge of how to solve any car locksmith issue. Do you need:

  • Car Key replacement
  • Laser key cutting
  • Push start programming
  • Traditional car key cutting
  • Car remote programming
  • Ignition repair and replacement
  • Car lockout
  • Broken key extraction
  • A new valet key cutting
  • FOB programming
  • Car computer re-flash

Bravo locksmith services in Campbell CA will be glad to help you on the spot, or via our mobile locksmith lab. Our mobile lab is equipped with top-notch locksmith equipment. We are investing TONS of money and efforts to train our team to be the best locksmith in our area. We are purchasing new machines every month, just to be sure we will have a solution for every customer.

Car key replacement in Campbell
Car key duplication and replacements in Campbell

Car key replacement in Campbell CA

There are many kinds of car keys. It depends on your car year, make and model. Sometimes you need to check if the car manufacturer used two or three different keys in the same year and model.

  • Metal car key

The simplest car key. There are some old car keys that are cut from one side, but most of the traditional keys are double-sided. Those blanks are very cheap and very easy to cut and one traditional metal blank key should cost between $10-$18 cutting included.

transponder key and remote
Remote car key with blade
  • Transponder key in Campbell CA

After the first generation of simple metal keys, the car manufacturers started to think about how to prevent car theft. Until then, car wiring was something that happens on a daily basis. So they created the “transponder key”. The key has a microchip built in each key, and in order to start the car, the chip transmits a signal to the car computer, and after this authentication process, the driver can start the car. The cost of a transponder key is much higher than the traditional metal key. Some key chips can be cloned, but if you don’t have the key, the locksmith would have to program a new chip to your car computer and that’s expensive.

  • Switchblade (knife) keys in Campbell CA

Those keys become more poplar after 2008. The switchblade keys have a button that releases the blade, and the spring jumps it out. To fold it back, you need to push again on the button, while folding the blade into its case. Usually, those keys are built in the car remote. This is why the switchblade keys cost ever more than the standard transponder keys. It may cost between $150-$400 per key, depends on your car key make, year and model.

  • Genius key? No. Smart Key cutting and programming

Haha. Smart keys are even smarter than the other FOB or transponder keys. Those keys allow the driver to hold the key in his or her pocket. When you want to start the car, all you need to do is to use the “push start” button to turn on the engine without placing the key in the ignition. Those keys are the latest technology in the car locksmith industry.

Ignition repair in campbell
We can fix or replace your car ignition

I lost my car keys!

It is very frustrating to lose your car keys. Car dealerships charge top dollars to duplicate a key, and even more to create a new key if you have no copy. This is why you need a reliable car locksmith in Campbell CA. We charge much less (between 50%-70% off the dealership price) to create a new car key for you. With Bravo Locksmith, you don’t need to tow your car (and pay for that as well), we will come to your place, and solve your problem on the spot.

Foreign VS Domestic car keys

Most of the car keys are very easy to be programmed. There are a few car manufacturers that make it more difficult to clone, duplicate or program. Carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Maseratti, and other luxury cars do not allow any locksmith to deal with their cars. Domestic carmakers make it easier. Cars such as Ford, GM, Cadillac, and other American companies, among Asian car manufacturers, make it more simple.

Call a locksmith in Campbell CA

We can deal with any car keys. Foreign or domestic, we can help you. Luxury car or old fashion cars, we got your back. Whenever you are facing any issue with your car keys, be sure that Bravo Locksmith has the cheapest solution for you. Without compromising on quality, we will give you the best service all over Campbell CA.