Key Duplication Without the Original

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More Security With Bravo Locksmith: Skilled Locksmiths At Doing Key Duplication Without the Original Key

The services provided by the locksmiths at Bravo Locksmith are a fundamental aspect of security and access control for your residential or commercial property, offering a range of solutions that go beyond the simple act of duplicating keys.

This article will delve into the world of key services, covering key duplication, locksmith techniques for duplicating keys without the original key, and challenges locksmiths face in key duplication services. We also touch on the security implications of key duplication, advanced technology in duplication services, things homeowners can do to protect their keys, and any legal and ethical considerations.

Key Duplication and General Services of Our Locksmith Services

The trained locksmiths at Bravo Locksmith offer several professional locksmith services to commercial and residential clients. We also offer automotive car key services such as replacement car keys, repairs, and replacement services for transponder keys and remote key fobs, and car key cutting services. We also sell transponder key fobs and all locking systems for homes, offices, and vehicles. Here is a breakdown of key duplication and other services.

Services For Creating A Duplicate Key

Duplicate keys is a term to describe a locksmith service that involves creating a copy (or duplicate key) of an existing key. This service is essential for various scenarios, such as providing a spare key, lockout services, replacing lost keys, or ensuring multiple individuals can access a property.

General Home, Office, and Commercial Key Services

Beyond duplication services, our locksmiths offer a wide range of services, including cutting, extraction, rekeying, master key system installation, and duplicate security keys.

Techniques for Duplicating Keys Without the Original

While the conventional method of duplication involves using the original key as a template, locksmiths employ several techniques for duplicate keys even when the original is unavailable:

  • Impressioning: This key duplicator technique involves creating a duplicate key by making an impression of the lock using a blank key without the original key by using a special putty or clay. The locksmith then refines the impression until a functional duplicate key is produced.
  • Code Cutter Services: Some modern locking systems contain the lock’s key code. This is a code that can be deciphered by a professional locksmith, allowing them to cut a new key without the original in just a few minutes.
  • Decoding Lock Mechanisms: A professional locksmith can decode the internal mechanisms of a lock, determining the correct pattern to produce an accurate duplicate key.

Challenges Facing Locksmiths in Creating Duplicate Keys

Creating a duplicate key has some challenges. A locksmith will have to overcome some obstacles that require some skill set and a level of expertise.

  • High-Security Locks: High-security locks often feature complex keyways and precision-cut keys, making duplication more challenging and requiring specialized tools and knowledge.
  • Restricted Systems: Some keys are part of restricted systems. To make a duplicate, specific individuals must have some level of authorization. Our company must adhere to legal and ethical standards when dealing with such systems.
  • Worn or Damaged Keys: Creating duplicate keys without an original can be tricky, especially if the keys are worn or damaged or no longer work with the pins inside the lock. A worn or damaged key presents difficulties, as any marks or imperfections must be accounted for to ensure the new key functions correctly in the lock.

Security Concerns Regarding Key Duplication

A duplicate key is a convenient way to create a spare key for those “just in case” moments, but it does raise some security considerations that should be addressed.

Unauthorized Access

If the new key cut falls into the wrong hands, an unauthorized individual may gain entry to your property. This risk of creating a duplicate key underscores the importance of entrusting that duplicate key to a reputable locksmith company.

Master Key Concerns

When you make a duplicate key of a master key system, it could compromise the entire system’s integrity, allowing unauthorized individuals access to multiple areas. Keeping track of restricted keys will minimize any risk of emergency situations such as break-ins.

Better Control

The professional locksmith team at Bravo implements strict measures to ensure that replacement keys and duplication are carried out responsibly. We have a protocol to identify anyone wishing to purchase a duplicate key.

Advanced Technology in Key Duplication Services

Creating a replacement key is much different today than a few years ago. Modern duplication services are most cost-effective because they benefit from advanced technology.

  • Key Duplicator Machine: Your original key is secured within a vice on one side of the key duplicator. It is then lined up with the cutting tool or blade, and a blank key or several blank keys are also secured on the opposite side of the machine that contains the alignment tool. An alignment tool is a metal key guide that is even with the blade. With the original and blank keys secured, the blade cuts the blank key or series of key blanks to cut new house keys, car keys, and any other series of keys. It’s a quick process, and the keys are duplicated while you wait. Our trained team of professionals knows the right blank to use for your key blank to make a duplicate that will stand up to years of use.
  • Computerized Cutting Machines: Another way to make a duplicate similar to a Key Duplicator is a machine called a computerized cutting machine. These machines use computerized algorithms to cut keys with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring a perfect match to the original current key. Duplicators and computerized cutters are great for cutting a blank standard key or a basic car key.
  • Laser Cutting: Laser technology allows for intricate cutting, which is particularly beneficial for high-security keys with complex patterns.
  • Key Code Software: Locksmiths leverage key code software that interprets the unique codes embedded in some locks, facilitating the creation of accurate duplicates.

Preventative Measures Homeowners Can Take

While quality duplication services are something Bravo Locksmith can do easily, homeowners can take preventative measures to minimize the need for an unnecessary key replacement. Here are some things worth

  • Key Management: Vigilant management, which includes keeping a backup of your house keys and keeping track of where the keys are at all times, minimizes the number of spare keys in circulation. Secure storage also reduces the likelihood of needing to replace your lost key.
  • Smart Lock Installation: Installing a smart lock keyless entry method, such as biometrics or digital codes, eliminates the need for key blanks and cutting a new key. These systems enhance security and can quickly identify anyone entering your property. These systems can also determine people with authorization to access your property.
  • Secure Storage: When spare keys are necessary, homeowners should consider secure storage options, such as a safe, utility box, or a locked cabinet, to prevent unauthorized people from getting your duplicate keys.

Legal and Ethical Issues Regarding Key Duplication

Key duplication is subject to legal and ethical considerations that all locksmiths and hardware stores must adhere to and must ensure they have legal authorization to duplicate a key without the original. This is especially true in cases involving restricted or high-security systems.

At Bravo Locksmith, we always verify the identity and ownership of the property before providing a duplicate key without the original. This process prevents the unwanted copying of lost keys. So don’t worry! A visit to our shop means we will only create a key blank once we know you are authorized to make a duplicate key. In most cases, we have your key on file and registered, so you won’t have to purchase a new set of keys.

Quality Key Duplication Services From A Team of Trained Professionals

In conclusion, the services offered by Bravo Locksmith encompass a range of solutions, from the routine task of duplication to more complex services. Our team employs various techniques to duplicate keys, even when the original is not on file, but faces challenges posed by high-security locks and restricted systems. With advanced technology, cutting a key blank has become quick and cost-effective. For a complete key cutting and duplication service, contact Bravo Locksmith today.