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When does it become necessary for a Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying serves as a fundamental purpose of protecting your home from people who might have a key to your locks.

You can either have the locks replaced or rekey them.

During a rekeying service, a professional locksmith will replace the pins and wafers in your locks with new ones.

Then, they configure them to a new arrangement, which then requires a new key to operate.

This makes the old key useless to anyone holding it, and they give you a new key for your operations.

So, why go through the trouble of having your lock combinations changed?

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When does it become necessary to rekey your locks? Below are some of the reasons that could prompt a lock rekeying:

When you move to a new house

Moving into a new home can always be hectic and tiresome.

More often than not, many people find themselves forgetting about the locks for the first few months after moving in.

This makes them vulnerable to attacks from robbers.

So, to avoid such incidences, why not hire a professional locksmith and have them rekey your locks.

Besides, you never know who had a key to that home.

Are they all people of goodwill, or can you expect the worst?

Since it is uncertain what to expect, why not take the first step into keeping your property and family safe from intrusion?

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After a nasty breakup

Breakups can be hard on anyone.

To both parties involved, there will be some emotions going about, and especially if the breakup was nasty.

Sometimes, people feel the need to take revenge on their former partners.

If you lived in the same house, then you expect them to have a copy of your key.

I imagine it would be devastating to walk into your home one day after work, only to find it trashed to the last inch.

You can always take the first step to prevent this type of misfortune.

The solution is to rekey your locks for a new key.

This way, they are only able to aces your home, only under your supervision.

Due to a rise in insecurity

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Assuming you live in a neighborhood where it was safe to jog at night or even leave your door unlocked as you rushed to the mall, and nowadays, you have to lock the door.

Whether you moved to the neighborhood, or the level of security dropped in yours, then you need to boost up your safety as well.

You can always go for the alarms and surveillance cameras, but what happens when you do not have enough cash to cover the expenses?

That is when a rekeying service comes in handy.

Not only is it affordable for you, but it also helps you keep control of who can access your home using a key.

When dealing with a break-in

The aftermath of a break-in can be devastating and hard to deal with.

You live in your house with fear of an ambush for some time, unless you take some steps to help with prevention for the future.

These measures could include a new lock set for your doors, and if you see no signs of forced entry, then you know that they either picked your lock or had a copy of your key.

Going with the latter, you can resolve the issue by having a new key for your home.

By calling in a professional locksmith to replace some pins and springs in your lock, you get a new combination with a new key, which then helps to keep the robbers at bay.

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To upgrade your security

There are those moments you feel like upgrading the security of your home.

You can get new utensils for your kitchen, anew carpet for your living space, or even a new door for your porch.

However, in the upgrade, it is important to consider the security of your home.

When you are in the season for an upgrade, but lacks the funds to buy and install new locks on your door, then you can always go for the affordable and less tedious option, lock re-key services in San Jose.

Once you get a qualified expert on your house, then you can replace the key on your locks in no time.

Besides, this is what most business owners use to create a master key system for their businesses.

Consequently, you get an efficient operation and safer property.