Does roadside assistance cover lost keys

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Does Roadside Assistance Cover Lost Keys? Here’s What You Need to Know

does roadside assistance cover lost keysWhether you’ve lost or damaged your car keys, you’ll end up feeling desperate for a solution. It mostly happens at the worst possible time, giving you idea about all kinds of scenarios and options, such as getting in touch with the car insurance company or perhaps your roadside assistance company.

If you’ve lost your keys, the process of key replacement isn’t immediate. A locksmith or a dealer must cut or order a new key, but also program it accordingly to ensure it works. Here at Bravo Locksmith, we cover all these issues, regardless of your vehicle make or model.

Now, can roadside assistance help with lost keys? Here’s what you need to know.

What Roadside Assistance Can Help With

There are quite a few options almost every roadside assistance company offers coverage for, regardless of what you’re paying.

Battery Jump Start

Whether you’ve forgotten the lights on or your battery is nearly dead, finding yourself unable to start the car is extremely frustrating. Most roadside assistance companies help jump starting the car. If it’s almost dead, it’s advisable to replace it as soon as possible, so your next stop should be a battery shop.

Quick Repairs

Based on the policy and cover, assistance can also be given with quick repairs. Assuming something broke, like a lock or perhaps a hose under the bonnet, some experts will be able to fix it while you wait.

Fuel Support

Before setting off on a lengthy trip, it’s essential to be aware of your fuel requirements and avoid taking any risks. But then, if you run out of fuel with no gas stations nearby, assistance can provide fuel support promptly.

Towing Solutions

Assistance also offers towing solutions to the nearest repair shop if the technician responsible for the case can’t get the car back on track.

Roadside Assistance and Car Key Replacement

Some companies may also employ locksmiths and can help unlock your car if you end up with a jammed door lock or perhaps locked on the outside.

However, car key replacement is less likely to be offered in the assistance cost. For most cars, you’ll need a specialized locksmith, so it might be beneficial to have a locksmith’s number handy.

Roadside assistance is less likely to help with stolen keys. Most technicians won’t be able to break into your car, and especially without any damage.

Insurance Cover and Car Key Replacement

Depending on the insurance coverage you have, some companies could help with roadside assistance. However, in most cases, you’ll have to find the keys yourself or perhaps use a spare key. It’s common for insurance companies not to cover car key replacement.

You could get a hand sometimes, but chances are you’ll have to pay for the new keys yourself. In very rare cases, you could claim the money back from your insurance company. To clarify the details, it’s recommended to check with a phone call.

What To Do If You Lose Car Keys

As long as you have spare keys, use them until you get new keys. Based on the case, you may have to use different solutions for the job.

Contact a Locksmith

A locksmith is usually the right option, whether you lost, broke, or misplaced car keys. These problems are relatively simple to repair and can be fixed promptly. You’ll need to prove ownership when engaging with the locksmith for roadside assistance.

Locksmiths can cut keys and even program them. Let them know what the issue is before they set off to meet you.

At Bravo Locksmith, we offer all kinds of solutions, including replacement keys online by using a vehicle identification number (VIN). You need to send us with all the details, a file page proving ownership and we’ll efficiently solve your problem in no time, including changing batteries.

Reach to Your Dealership

A dealership will provide the exact same services, but with some differences. They will require you to bring your vehicle to them, so you’ll need to take it there for repairs if the key is broken inside the lock. If you’ve just lost the keys, you can also try to order online.

A dealership often comes at higher cost, and it involves longer wait times to order the spare key and parts. At the end of the day, if you do the math, you’ll realize you should’ve considered locksmiths instead.

Contact a Mechanic

If you have a mechanic nearby, it’s always worth a shot. Not all mechanics provide locksmithing services, but some do. If the issue is with the key broken inside a door, they’ll most likely change the lock, which means they’ll also need to order parts for your vehicle.

Locksmith services are simply more convenient because they can do all these without causing further damage to your vehicle, usually while you wait on the spot. On the other hand, contact your car insurance company as well, as it might cover your vehicle if you lose the key.

Key coverage varies from one policy or vehicle to another.


How long does it take to reprogram car keys?

Whether you do it through a car insurance company cover or you pay yourself, locksmiths can usually do it while you wait. They can also unlock the vehicle at an affordable cost and get you back on track in no time.

What’s the best way to get someone to replace my keys without moving the car?

You can call both locksmiths and dealerships for key related problems. Locksmiths will offer the convenience of coming to your location or providing online assistance. On the other hand, dealerships can do it online with a VIN, but only if possible. Either way, you might be able to claim back from your car insurance company, depending on the coverage.

Can I claim car insurance if I lost my car keys?

Some car insurance companies cover lost keys. It depends on the coverage and what you’re paying. If you’re in doubt, get in touch with them. Generally speaking, a basic policy won’t allow you to claim, regardless of who’s responsible, you or someone else who might’ve stolen the keys.

Does roadside assistance cover lost car keys?

Check the policy if you’re not sure. You may have a set policy that doesn’t cover lost keys or damage to locks, but you may have a comprehensive one that covers everything.

At Bravo Locksmith, we act like roadside assistance. We’ll help you whether your keys have been misplaced or stolen. Whether or not you can claim on your insurance later depends on your policy only.